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Table 2 Pharmacodynamic analysis of data acquired from in vitro time-killing studies for cefquinome against H. parasuis

From: In vitro dynamic pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic(PK/PD) modeling and PK/PD cutoff of cefquinome against Haemophilus parasuis

Parameter (units) Value
Log E max (cfu/mL) −4.7
Log E 0 (cfu/mL) 1.6
EC50 (h) 48.9
T% > MIC (bacteriostatic) (h) 38.7
T% > MIC (bactericidal) (h) 60.9
T% > MIC (bacterial elimination) (h) 70.9
Slope (N) 4.7
  1. Where E 0 is the change in log10 cfu/mL after 24 h incubation in the control sample compared to the initial inoculum. E max is the difference in effect between the greatest amount of growth (as seen for the growth control, E 0) and the greatest amount of kill. C e is the T% > MIC in the effect compartment. EC 50 is the T% > MIC value producing a 50% reduction in bacterial counts from the initial inoculum, and N is the Hill coefficient that describes the steepness of the T% > MIC–effect curve.