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Table 3 Rating the importance of competencies by comparing the groups diplomates in academia and in specialty practice; these members rated 3 learning objectives significantly different

From: Development of learning objectives for neurology in a veterinary curriculum: Part II: Postgraduates

Competencies Diplomates in academia Diplomates in practice P-value
Clinical methodology    
Interpret urinary tract electrodiagnostic testing in the dog and cat 2,4 2,71 0,0085
Neuroanaesthesia & Neurosurgery    
Perform atlantoaxial subluxation fixation techniques 3,17 3,56 0,0236
Understand basic PNS pathological interpretation 3,48 3,77 0,0394
Understand microscopic pathological features of specific small animal diseases 3,47 3,6 0,0114
  1. Values in filled cells have higher mean rating.