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Figure 3

From: Ultrasound imaging of the anterior section of the eye of five different snake species

Figure 3

μCT images of iodine stained Burmese python ( Python bivittatus ). Transversal sections through the anterior (A), medial (B), and posterior (C) portions of the eye (scale bar = 1 mm). The ophthalmic structures described by ultrasound are clearly revealed at both the anterior (A) and posterior (C) sections, whereas the iodine stained lens all but shadows these structures in the medial section (B). Cornea (C), iris (I), lens (L), periocular scale (POS), retina (R), spectacle (S), sub-spectacular space (SSS), and spectacular transition zone (TZ). μCT allows for three-dimensional reconstructions of spatial structures (D), aiding interpretation of ultrasonographic images obtained in two dimensions.

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