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Table 2 Antibody specifications

From: Enhanced Wnt/β-catenin and Notch signalling in the activated canine hepatic progenitor cell niche

  Source/type Clone Company Antigen retrieval Dilution
β-Catenin Rb/po   Abcam TE pH9 1:2,000
HepPar1 Mu/mo   Dako TE pH9 1:50
K7 Mu/mo OV-TL 12/30 Dako   1:50
Ki67 Rb/mo SP6 LabVision   1:50
PanCK Rb/po   Dako TE pH9 1:400
Notch1/NICD Rb/po C-20 Santa Cruz TE pH9 1:100
Vimentin Mu/mo   Abcam TE pH9 1:200
  1. Mu: Mouse; Rb: Rabbit; Mo: monoclonal; Po: polyclonal. TE: Tris/EDTA.