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Figure 2

From: First molecular detection and characterization of herpesvirus and poxvirus in a Pacific walrus (Odobenus rosmarus divergens)

Figure 2

Phylograms representing the relationships between herpesvirus from Odobenus rosmarus and from other animal species. Phylogenetic trees were inferred by the maximum parsimony method using the amino acid sequences encoded by the DNA polymerase gene (A) and the glycoprotein B gene (B). The results of the bootstrap analysis (500 replications) are indicated at the tree nodes. Each sequence is named according to the virus name and GenBank accession number. Odobenus rosmarus herpesvirus is highlighted in bold. The Alpha- (A, B) and Betaherpesvirus (B) sequences are used as an outgroup in order to root the phylograms. Herpesvirus genera (B) are indicated for sequences, as previously assigned by Davison [2].

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