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Table 1 Parameters used to evaluate the clinical score of infection and degree of recovery

From: Clinical efficacy of 9-oxo-10, 11-dehydroageraphorone extracted from Eupatorium adenophorum against Psoroptes cuniculiin rabbits

Infection and degree of recovery Clinical score
Absence of scabs and/or mites 0
Irritation in ear canal but no mites observed 0.5
Small number of scabs in the ear canal, mites present 1
External ear canal filled with scabs, mites present 2
Scabs in ear canal and proximal 1/4 of pinna, mites present 3
1/2 pinna filled with scabs, mites present 4
3/4 of the pinna filled with scabs, mites present 5
All internal surface of the pinna full of scabs, mites present 6