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Figure 1

From: Effect of administration route and dose escalation on plasma and intestinal concentrations of enrofloxacin and ciprofloxacin in broiler chickens

Figure 1

Plasma concentrations (average + SD) of enro- (A) and ciprofloxacin (B) 2, 4 and 100 hours after the first oral (PO) or intramuscular (IM) administration of 10 or 50 mg enrofloxacin/kg body weight to broiler chickens given during 5 consecutive days (n = 8). Values from the different treatment strategies with a different superscript within one time point, for the same compound ((A) or (B)), are statistically different at p < 0.05. The inserts show the chemical structure of enro- (A) and ciprofloxacin (B).

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