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Figure 1

From: Differential detection of classical swine fever virus challenge strains in C-strain vaccinated pigs

Figure 1

Specificity of differential PCR assays for detection of C-strain (C-str), CBR/93 and UK2000/7.1 (UK) RNA templates. Panel A: Whereas the genotype 1 specific real-time RT-PCR assay previously described [17],[18] only produced a C-strain vaccine amplicon (Lane 1–3), the primer mix HE5 and HE4.1/4.2 amplified the C-strain (C-str), CBR/93 and UK2000/7.1 (UK) strains equally (Lanes 4–9). Panels B to D: Differential real-time RT-PCR analysis of a mixture of 104 copies of the three viral RNA templates revealed that the C-strain (B), CBR/93 (C) or UK2000/7.1 (D) assays were specific for their respective templates.

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