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Table 2 Results of the linear model performed for the rearing and breeding period

From: Feeding mastitis milk to organic dairy calves: effect on health and performance during suckling and on udder health at first calving

Variable Level Coefficient Std. Error T value p
Intercept   711.3 36.6 19.4 <0.001
Treatment HMG Reference    
  UMG -6.5 41.2 -0.2 0.87
Calf origin Farm 1 Reference    
  Farm 2 -238.7 55.6 -4.3 <0.001
  Farm 3 33.1 48.4 0.7 0.50
  Farm 4 256.0 85.6 3.0 0.006
  1. Final linear model after removing not significant variables by stepwise backward method (breed, birth season, and disease days during suckling time) for the significant influence factor “farm of origin” on weight gain during the rearing and breeding period; UMG was treated as fixed model factor of investigation.