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Table 1 Indicator operational taxon units for the microbiota of feline fecal samples stored at 4°C

From: Evaluation of the impact of refrigeration on next generation sequencing-based assessment of the canine and feline fecal microbiota

Day 0 Day 14
Allisonella (Firmicutes) Brevundimonas (Proteobacteria)
Megasphaera (Firmicutes) Arthrobacter (Actinobacteria)
Sutterella (Proteobacteria) Slackia (Actinobacteria)
  Cellulomonas (Actinobacteria)
  Aeromicrobium (Actinobacteria)
  Phenylobacterium (Proteobacteria)
  Stenotrophomonas (Proteobacteria)