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Table 2 Exclusivity analysis of CDV RT-iiPCR

From: Rapid and sensitive detection of canine distemper virus by one-tube reverse transcription-insulated isothermal polymerase chain reaction

Pathogen Source RT-iiPCR Real-time RT PCR (Ct)
Results S/N
Canine distemper virus Snyder Hill strain (ATCC) + 1.94 34.45
Bordetella bronchiseptica Clinical sample* - 0.93 Neg
Canine herpesvirus ATCC strain - 0.97 Neg
Canine respiratory coronavirus Clinical sample* - 0.90 Neg
Canine parainfluenza virus ATCC strain - 0.93 Neg
Canine adenovirus 2 ATCC strain - 0.93 Neg
Canine parvovirus Cornell strain - 0.94 Neg
Influenza virus H3N8 Clinical sample* - 0.93 Neg
  1. *Pathogens obtained from clinical samples were previously cultured/isolated and validated by sequencing by the UTCVM Clinical Bacteriology and Virology Labs.