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Table 1 Amino acid change coded by non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms in the canine TLR2 , 4 and 9 genes

From: Assessment of Toll-like receptor 2, 4 and 9 SNP genotypes in canine sino-nasal aspergillosis

Gene SNP (accession number) Amino acid wild type Amino acid change associated with SNP
TLR2 C137A (rs22410121) Serine Tyrosine
  C1547T Serine Leucine
TLR4 T23C Valine Alanine
  C107T Threonine Isoleucine
  T500C (rs22145736) Leucine Proline
  A600C (rs22189454) Histidine Glutamine
  A688G (rs22189456) Lysine Glutamic acid
  G1039A Alanine Threonine
  A1571T (rs22124023) Glutamic acid Valine
  G1807A (rs22123995) Glutamic acid Lysine
TLR9 G1138A Glutamic acid Lysine
  A1372C Threonine Proline
  A2158G (rs22882109) Serine Glycine
  G2927A Arginine Histidine