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Table 1 Antibodies and details of the protocols applied for the immunohistochemical examination

From: Triple-negative vimentin-positive heterogeneous feline mammary carcinomas as a potential comparative model for breast cancer

Markers Antibodies(mouse anti-human) clone and producer Dilution* Unmasking Incubation time**
Cytokeratin 5/6 Clone D5/16 B4 1:100 CCR 24 min
Dakocytomation + protease 2 min
Cytokeratin 14 NCL –L-LL002 1:20 CCR 18 min
Cytokeratin 8/18 NCL-L-5D3 1:20 protease 8 min 24 min
Pancytokeratin Clone AE1/AE3 1:100 CCR 16 min
Calponin Clone Calp 1:200 CCR 12 min
Vimentin Clone V9 1:100 CCR 18 min
α-smooth muscle actin Clone 1A4 1:100 no 10 min
Estrogen receptor NCL-ER-6 F11 1:40 CCS 14 min
Progesteron receptor Clone: PR10A9 1:100 CCE 18 min
  1. CCR, cell conditioning reduced: 30 minutes at 95°C; CCS, cell conditioning standard: 60 minutes at 95°C; CCE, cell conditioning extended: 90 minutes at 95°C.
  2. *The primary antibody was diluted in the Antibody Diluent (Ventana Medical System Inc., Tucson, AZ).
  3. **Incubation time for primary antibody; min, minutes.