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Table 1 Analytical methods used in ADVIA®1650 and ADVIA®1800 Chemistry Systems for blood analysis from brown bears

From: Haematological and biochemical reference intervals for free-ranging brown bears (Ursus arctos) in Sweden

Analytes Analytical concepts
ALT Modified IFCC
Amylase Ethylidene blocked-pNPG7
AP Modified IFCC
AST Modified IFCC
β-HBA Enzymatic/NAD + −NADH
Total bilirubin Vanadate oxidation
Inorganic phosphorus Phosphomolybdate/UV
FFA Enzymatic-colorimetric
Bile acids Enzymatic amplification/Thio-NAD-Thio-NADH
GGT Modified IFCC
Glucose Hexokinase
Iron Ferrozine
Calcium CPC
Potassium Ion selective electrode (ISE), diluted
Chloride Ion selective electrode (ISE), diluted
Cholesterol Enzymatic/trinder
CK NAC activated (DGKC)
Creatinine Jaffe, kinetic
LD Enzymatio (L-P) / TRIS / NAD + −NADH
Lipase Colorimetric rate
Magnesium Xylidyl blue
Sodium Ion selective electrode (ISE), diluted
Total Protein Biuret
Triglycerides Enzymatic/trinder without serum blank
Urea Enzymatic: urease with GLDH
Uric Acid Enzymatic/trinder