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Table 4 Antibodies used to detect the cell surface markers

From: Supplementation of dietary germanium biotite enhances induction of the immune responses by foot-and-mouth disease vaccine in cattle

Target Antibody Company
CD79a PE-conjugated mouse anti-bovine CD79a Abcam, UK
CD3 FITC-conjugated hamster anti-bovine CD3 Abcam
CD4 PE-conjugated mouse anti-bovine CD4 US Biological, USA
CD8 PE-conjugated mouse anti-bovine CD8 LifeSpan BioSciences, USA
MHC I FITC-conjugated mouse anti-bovine MHC I Novus Biological, USA
MHC II Mouse anti-bovine MHC IIa Abcam
Fc receptor blocking Polyclonal mouse IgG fraction Abcam
Monoclonal Armenian hamster IgG fraction Abcam
  1. aMouse anti-bovine MHC II antibody was conjugated with PE using an EasyLink B-Phycoerythrin conjugation kit (Abcam).