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Table 2 Details of sheep that provided colostrum and milk to separately fed lambs (Study 3)

From: Evidence of effective scrapie transmission via colostrum and milk in sheep

Donor ewe Breed Start of lactation Days of lactation Cull Unequivocal or strong scrapie signs observed Somatic cell count (weekly samples) Colostrum provided per recipient Milk provided per recipient
07-1006 PD 21m 2d 42 24m 6d 48 d after end of lactation* 57;41;56;32;8;11 1 11
07-1287 PD x Fries 17m 25d 54 21m 25d 35 d after end of lactation 42;47;27;9;17;7;1;6 1.5 19.5
07-1288 PD x Fries 17m 24d 54 20m 29d 35 d after end of lactation* 18;12;34;26 1.5 16.5
07-1292 PD x Fries 17m 25d 52 20m 29d 37 d after end of lactation* 31;26;28;35;8;15;25 1.5 21
07-1337 PD x Fries 17m 21d 46 25m 23d 45 d after end of lactation 14;10;27;10;46;32 2 11.5
  1. All ewes were scrapie-positive based on brain examination (vacuolar changes and presence of PrPd/PrPres). The age is displayed in months (m) and days (d), with months displayed in calendar months; the somatic cell count is displayed in 103 cells/ml; volume of colostrum or milk is displayed in litres (rounded down).
  2. PD, Poll Dorset, Fries, Friesland.
  3. * Sheep displayed strong scrapie signs.