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Table 4 mAbs used to identify leukocyte subsets in hemal and retropharyngeal lymph nodes during immunohistochemistry study

From: Accumulation profiles of PrPScin hemal nodes of naturally and experimentally scrapie-infected sheep

Cell types Cell surface marker mAb clones Species and isotypes Dilution (μg/mL) Source
T ymphocytes CD3 A0452 Rabbit poly 3.0 Dako
B lymphocytes CD79a MCA2538 mouse IgG1 50.0 AbD Serotec
FDCs 120 kDa CAN.42 mouse IgM 4.1 Dako
Mac CD163 MCA1853 mouse IgG1 33.3 AbD Serotec
  1. Abbreviations, mAb = monoclonal antibody; poly = polyclonal antibody; FDCs = follicular dendritic cells; Mac = macrophages.