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Table 1 mAbs used in hemal nodes and retropharyngeal lymph nodes PrP Sc epitope mapping IHC study

From: Accumulation profiles of PrPScin hemal nodes of naturally and experimentally scrapie-infected sheep

mAb clones Species and isotypes Epitope (PrPcresidues) Dilution (μg/mL) Source
12B2 mouse IgG1 93-97 1.25 gift (Dr. Langeveld)
P4 mouse IgG1 93-99 0.33 R-BioPharm
1E4 mouse IgG1 102-105 16.67 Abcam
8G8 mouse IgG2a 99-114 11.11 Cayman
L42 mouse IgG1 148-153 0.006 R-BioPharm
SAF84 mouse IgG2b 166-172 0.67 Cayman
F99/97.6.1 mouse IgG1 221-225 5.0 VMRD
  1. Abbreviations, mAb = monoclonal antibody; PrPc residues = normal cellular prion amino acid residues.