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Table 4 Tissue concentrations (mean± SD) after oral administration (6 mg/kg) of pradofloxacin in dogs (measured at 1-1.5 hours after drug administration)

From: Pharmacokinetic study on pradofloxacin in the dog – Comparison of serum analysis, ultrafiltration and tissue sampling after oral administration

Tissue Units Concentration
Skin μg/mg 0.535±0.290
Fat μg/mg 0.0756±0.0624
Muscle μg/mg 0.709±0.455
Cartilage μg/mg 2.614±1.450
Bone μg/mg 0.361±0.0987
Liver μg/mg 1.501±1.322
Kidney μg/mg 1.435±1.083
CSF μg/ml 0.107±0.063