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Table 2 List of primers used in this study

From: Chicken faecal microbiota and disturbances induced by single or repeated therapy with tetracycline and streptomycin

Primer Target Sequence 5 - 3 Reference
16S_Bifido-F Bifidobacteriales GGTGTGAAAGTCCATCG this study
16S_Bifido-R Bifidobacteriales ACCGGGAATTCCAGTCT this study
16S_Clost-F Clostridiales GCGTTATCCGGATTTAC this study
16S_Clost-R Clostridiales ACACCTAGTATTCATCG this study
16S_Entero-F Enterobacteriales STGAGACAGGTGCTGCA this study
16S_Entero-R Enterobacteriales AAAGGATAAGGGTTGCG this study
16S_Lacto-F Lactobacillales CTTGAGTGCAGAAGAGG this study
16S_Lacto-R Lactobacillales CACTGGTGTTCTTCCAT this study
16S_univ-1 F all bacteria GTGSTGCAYGGYTGTCGTCA [17]
16S_univ-1R all bacteria ACGTCRTCCMCACCTTCCTC [17]
16S_univ-2 F all bacteria GAGGAAGGIGIGGAIGACGT [13]
16S_univ-2R all bacteria AGICCCGIGAACGTATTCAC [13]