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Table 6 Descriptive data of the 4 herds in the study

From: Microbiological, pathological and histological findings in four Danish pig herds affected by a new neonatal diarrhoea syndrome

Herd data Herd 1 Herd 2 Herd 3 Herd 4
Study period January 2011 March 2011 May 2011 July 2011
Herd size (number of sows) 900 1250 700 950
SPF1-status Not declared Not declared SPF+AP12 SPF
Piglets weaned/sow/year2 30.7 27.1 25.4 32.3
1st parity litters (%)2 20 22 21 23
Recruitment of gilts Purchase Own production Purchase Own production
Sow feed3 Wet/ Home made Wet/ Home made Wet/ Home made Wet/ Factory made
  1. 1: Specific Pathogen Free - disease surveillance programme. Danish herds can participate in this programme which registers presence of certain infectious diseases, including PRRS, M. hyopneumoniae, A. pleuropneumoniae, P. multocida tox+ and B. hyodysenteriae.2: Average values calculated from herd-registrations made in a 3-month-period prior to investigation. 3: Feed type used in farrowing period.