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Table 5 Final multivariable negative binomial regression model between management practices and high somatic cell counts (incidence rate ratios (IRR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI)) from 219 Swiss dairy farms with a free-stall and >10 cows in 2010

From: Questionnaire-based study to assess the association between management practices and mastitis within tie-stall and free-stall dairy housing systems in Switzerland

Factor Category IRR (95% CI) P-value
Hands and arms are cleaned if intervention during calving is required Yes 0.81 (0.70-0.93) 0.003
No 1.0 -
Important characteristic when selecting a bull for artificial insemination Beef production 0.66 (0.47-0.93) 0.02
Other† 1.0 -
  1. Milk yield, fat and protein content of milk, somatic cell count in milk, exterior, ease of calving, length of productive life, milking speed/persistence of lactation, fertility of the dam, total merit.