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Table 3 FMD control strategies in Eastern Africa

From: Laboratory capacity for diagnosis of foot-and-mouth disease in Eastern Africa: implications for the progressive control pathway

Country/region Self assessed stage on PCP-FMD Existing FMD control strategies
Burundi 0 quarantine
Djibouti na quarantine
Eritrea 0 vaccinationa
Ethiopia 1 vaccinationb
Kenya 1 quarantine, vaccinationa,b
Puntland 2 quarantine, vaccinationb
Rwanda 3 quarantine, vaccinationb
Somalia 1 quarantine
Somaliland 1 quarantine
South Sudan na none
Sudan 1 quarantine
Tanzania nr quarantine, vaccinationa,b
Uganda 0 quarantine, vaccinationb
  1. na: not assessed, nr: NRL did not reply to this question, a: pre outbreak (preventive) vaccination, b: post outbreak ring vaccination.