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Table 1 List of description of questions included in the online questionnaire and the item non-response rate for each question

From: An online survey of horse-owners in Great Britain

Question % Non respondents (n = 4417 respondents)
1. County (drop down menu)? 0.0
2. First half of respondent postcode (open)? 0.0
3. Respondent full address (optional)? 62.2
4. Number of horses owned or responsible for (number of horses)? 2.7
5. Where do you keep your horse (as many as apply)? 3.6
6. Which type of premises best describes where horses are kept (as many as apply)? 3.8
7. How many horses, including your own, are kept at this premises (number of horses)? 4.6
8. What type of land is adjacent to this premises (as many as apply)? 4.9
9. Where are most of your horses kept in each season within the year (tick one column for each season)? 5.5
10. Currently, how far away from where you live, do you keep your horses (provide the numbers of horses at each distance)? 10.2
11. Passport issuing organization with which your horse is registered (an answer for your first horse and up to 9 other horses) (drop down menu)? 12.8
12. What best describes your involvement with horses (tick all that apply)? 13.0
13. How frequently do you participate in these horse activities? For each activity tick only one column which represents the typical frequency. Each activity requires an answer. 15.5
14. What is the maximum number of hours you/your horses would travel by road to participate in any of the following activities (horse care, local and national events)? Please write the number of hours in all of the boxes. If you would not drive to these activities, please write 0. 16.1
15. How far from the place that you keep your horse(s) do you travel (with your horse) to participate in these activities? For each activity tick only one column which represents the typical distance travelled. Each activity requires an answer. 19.5
16. Typically, how do you transport your horse(s)? Please tick all that apply. 19.7
17. In the last year, what is the maximum number of nights that any of your horses were stabled in a location other than where they are normally kept e.g. away at a competition. (write the number of nights away)? 19.7
18. Do you ever travel with your horse(s) internationally (i.e. out of GB) (tick one option)? 19.8
19. How often would you normally travel with your horse internationally? Please tick one answer (optional). 19.8
20. In the last year, how many horses have you brought into the country from outside of GB (tick one option)? 19.8
21. From where did you import these horses (in the last year)? Please tick all that apply. 19.8
22. Why do you import horses from outside GB (open)? 19.8
23. Is/are your horse(s) vaccinated against any of the following? Please tick all that apply. (optional) 20.1
24. Are you a member of any of the following equestrian bodies? Please tick all that apply. (optional) 19.7
25. Gender of respondent (tick one option)? 20.1
26. How old are you (tick one option)? 20.1
27. Where did you hear about this survey (optional open question)? 20.2
The following questions were optional questions developed by the Animal Health Trust and results were not included in this study.  
28. Have you registered with the National Equine Database (tick one option)?  
29. Were the details stored about your horse correct (tick one option)?  
30. Which, if any details were incorrect (tick all that apply)?  
  1. All questions were compulsory unless otherwise stated. A copy of the full questionnaire is included in the supplementary material. (Supplementary material: Horse owners' questionnaire).