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Table 1 Competition level, frequency, and training of event horses and ponies of the entire national selection

From: A prospective study on a cohort of horses and ponies selected for participation in the European Eventing Championship: reasons for withdrawal and predictive value of fitness tests

  Horses Ponies Total
  n n n
Total animals (n) 20 9 29
Competition level at beginning of season 20 9 29
  Competed at level comparable to EC 11 6 17
  Never before competed at a level comparable to EC 9 3 12
Competitions during preparation phase    
Total number 4.0 ± 1.8 N.A.  
   Competition per level:    
      CCI*** or CCI**** 2.3 ± 1.8 N.A.  
      CIC*** 0.9 ± 1.1 N.A.  
      CIC** or CCI** 0.7 ± 1.2 N.A.  
Number of training weeks before first competition* 6.7 ± 4.1 N.A.  
   Level of first competition:    
      CCI*** or CIC*** 52.6% N.A.  
      CCI** or CIC** 15.8% N.A.  
      CCI* or CIC* 31.6% N.A.  
Average interval between competitions (weeks) 3.7 ± 2.8 N.A.  
   Range 2–14 N.A.  
  1. All horses and ponies of the national selection were in preparation for the European Championships (EC) in 2010 (ponies) and 2011 (horses), and preparation phase lasted from SET-I (March) towards SET-II (six weeks before EC).
  2. * The number of training weeks before first competition refers to number of weeks between SET-1 at start of competition season and first competition.
  3. N.A.: data not available and CIC, Concours International Combiné’.
  4. CIC; Concours International Combiné; *, **, *** meaning 1-,2- or 3-star eventing level.