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Table 4 Prevalence of M. tuberculosis complex (MTC) and M. avium complex (MAC) species infection, in wild boar in Atlantic Spain, using culture, serology and pathology

From: Wild boar tuberculosis in Iberian Atlantic Spain: a different picture from Mediterranean habitats

  Culture of MTC Culture of MAC ELISA M. bovis Pathology M. bovis
     Gross lesions Generalized lesions Localized lesions Microscopic lesions and IHC* for M. bovis
Wild boar 33/1,275 58/1,275 22/1,057 6/70 1/6 5/6 9/70
  (2.59%) (4.55%) (2.08%) (8.57%) (16.7%) (83.43%) (12.86%)
  1. * IHC Immunohistochemistry was performed on animals with microscopic tuberculosis-like lesions.