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Table 10 Table comparing the proportion of farms reporting using each disease control measure at initial visit alongside actual proportion of farms that carried out the measures during the follow up period (n = 548)

From: Design and descriptive epidemiology of the Infectious Diseases of East African Livestock (IDEAL) project, a longitudinal calf cohort study in western Kenya

Type of control Initial visit % Actual practice %
Tick control*   
Yes 90.9 69.9
No 9.1 30.1
Worm control*   
Yes 56.4 26.8
No 43.6 73.2
Tsetse and trypanosome control   
Yes 17.9 14.1
No 82.1 85.9
Vaccine use*   
Yes 52.0 96.4
No 48.0 3.6
  1. *significantly different at the 5% level using a McNemar’s chi-squared test.