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Table 1 Comparison of CF titers against 3 Maedi-Visna strains, vaccine strain K796 and 2 local strains 10B and 7W from 2 sheep of the flock in Cyprus

From: Vaccination delays maedi-visna lentivirus infection in a naturally-infected sheep flock

Titer of serum from one sheep infected intrapulmonarily with 300.000 TCID 50 of virus K796 Virus strains
K796 10B 7W
Serum 13 months after infection with K796 128 16 8
Serum 3 years after infection with K796 256 32 16
Titer of serum from one naturally infected sheep in Cyprus 16 128 128
  1. * In these CF tests serial 2 fold dilutions of sera ranging from dilutions 1/4 - 1/512 were tested against the 3 strains. Four-fold or larger difference in titer is significant.