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Figure 4

From: Validation of the English version of the UNESP-Botucatu multidimensional composite pain scale for assessing postoperative pain in cats

Figure 4

Construct validity by known-groups discrimination: perioperative hydromorphone that required or did not require rescue analgesia. Median and semi-range (range divided by 2) of the total pain score one hour post anesthesia in cats undergoing ovariohysterectomy and treated with perioperative hydromorphone, that required (n = 5) or did not require (n = 11) rescue analgesia, during the clinical application of the English version of the UNESP-Botucatu-MCPS in an English-speaking country (Veterinary Teaching Hospital - Colorado State University, USA). * Indicates statistical difference between groups (p < 0.01) by Mann–Whitney test.

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