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Table 1 Evaluation of the quality of sedation, induction, muscle relaxation, and recovery from anaesthesia in parrots anaesthetised with sevoflurane

From: The effect of premedication with ketamine, alone or with diazepam, on anaesthesia with sevoflurane in parrots (Amazona aestiva)

Criteria Score Observation
Sedation 2 Animal is undisturbed after sedation, allows manipulation without stress and accepts the mask for the induction of anaesthesia.
1 Animal resistant to manipulation, appears stressed and avoids the mask.
0 Animal does not accept manipulation or mask.
Induction 2 Tracheal intubation is performed easily; animal is relaxed, and does not exhibit reflexes in response to intubation stimulus; absence of excitation.
1 Difficulty in proceeding with tracheal intubation; orotracheal reflex and excitation observed; intubation permitted.
0 Not possible to proceed with tracheal intubation; wing and leg movements and vocalisation observed.
Muscle relaxation 2 Complete muscle relaxation.
1 Light muscle tonus.
0 Intensive muscle tonus of wings and contracted pelvic members.
Recovery 2 Calm animal, without excitation or vocalisation.
1 Smooth awakening, but animal tries to remain standing up, beating the wings.
0 Disturbed awakening, with violent beating of wings violently and vocalization.