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Table 5 Endotoxin concentrations in two bTSH products (Sigma Aldrich, 3 lot numbers; Calbiochem Merck 1 lot number) and rhTSH (2 lot numbers) as determined by Limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) kinetic chromogenic assay

From: Characterization of recombinant human and bovine thyroid-stimulating hormone preparations by mass spectrometry and determination of their endotoxin content

Sample LOT Endotoxin/ml Endotoxin/mg
bTSH 069 K1588 434 EU/ml 80.4 EU/mg
(Sigma Aldrich) 119 K1583 158.4 EU/ml 29.3 EU/mg
  040 M1246 133.6 EU/ml 24.7 EU/mg
bTSH D00106386 622 EU/ml 12.4 EU/mg
(Calbiochem Merck)
rhTSH A8035H40 0.15 EU/ml 0.14 EU/mg
(Genzyme GmbH) A8063H19 <0.05 EU/ml <0.04 EU/mg