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Table 1 Twenty the highly significant genes in the most malignant tumors

From: Five markers useful for the distinction of canine mammary malignancy

pValue Gene ID
4.570593e-05 DG9-150a24
4.570593e-05 DG11-200c22
9.141186e-05 DG11-134o13
9.141186e-05 DG9-26a1
9.141186e-05 DG9-122e24
1.828237e-04 DG9-43e14
1.828237e-04 DG9-230a23
1.828237e-04 DG9-230c14
1.828237e-04 DG9-149d7
1.828237e-04 DG9-94o23
1.828237e-04 DG11-126 g2
1.828237e-04 DG2-37 k21
1.828237e-04 DG9-44 k24
1.828237e-04 DG14-3 m8
1.828237e-04 DG9-88 k19
1.828237e-04 DG14-10o2
1.828237e-04 DG32-60e11
1.828237e-04 DG8-30 l15
3.199415e-04 DG11-180e10
3.199415e-04 DG8-183d10
  1. Twenty genes that were significantly changed in grade III tumors. This gene set was selected based on the calculation of the gene expression of all the spots from all microarrays (n = 36) versus median expression of the reference genes for canine mammary cancer [7, 8] hybridized on the same microarrays: rps19, cgi-119, ctbp1 and b2m.