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Table 2 Significantly enriched KEGG pathway’s classes for the 109 genes with over-expressed expression and for the 86 genes with under-expressed expression in affected animals versus healthy controls (Count threshold =2, EASE threshold = 0.05)

From: Microarray gene expression profiling of neural tissues in bovine spastic paresis

  C1 class C2 class C3 class Genes p-value
over-expressed Cellular Processes Cell Communication Focal adhesion LOC518180, COL4A2, COL1A2, PRKCG, LAMC2, BAD, THBS1, AKT2 0.0005
Human Diseases Cancers Pathways in cancer LOC518180, DVL2, COL4A2, PRKCG, LAMC2, BCL2L1, BAD, AKT2, DAPK1 0.0021
Organismal Systems Nervous System Neurotrophin signaling pathway LOC518180, ATF4, SH2B3, BAD, CAMK2A, AKT2 0.0021
Environmental Information Processing Signaling Molecules and Interaction ECM-receptor interaction COL4A2, SDC1, COL1A2, LAMC2, THBS1 0.0027
Environmental Information Processing Signal Transduction ErbBsignaling pathway LOC518180, PRKCG, BAD, CAMK2A, AKT2 0.0031
Human Diseases Cancers Chronic myeloid leukemia LOC518180, BCL2L1, BAD, AKT2 0.020
under-expressed Human Diseases Neurodegenerative Diseases Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) DERL1, NEFH, NEFL 0.016