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Table 3 Scorecard for the pedal withdrawal reflex

From: Comparison of three different sedative-anaesthetic protocols (ketamine, ketamine-medetomidine and alphaxalone) in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)

Score Quality Character
0 No reflex There was no increased muscle tension and/or bending of the knee for at least one second after removing the haemostat
1 Normal reflex There was muscle tension and/or bending of the knee
2 Increased reflex There was increased muscle tension, bending of the knee, and muscle vibrations/involuntary movements of other limbs
  1. The pedal withdrawal reflex was determined by applying a haemostat (Hartman baby mosquito BH104R, straight, 100 mm, 4″) on the first clip for 1 second on phalanx III, just above the nail of the left rear leg.