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Table 1 Scorecard for quality of induction, immobilisation and recovery

From: Comparison of three different sedative-anaesthetic protocols (ketamine, ketamine-medetomidine and alphaxalone) in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)

Score Quality Character
1 Good No vocalisation, salivation, compulsive licking or sneezing. No increased attention towards injection site, no involuntary/uncoordinated muscle activity
2 Satisfactory Some vocalisation and/or involuntary/uncoordinated muscle activity, salivation, compulsive licking, sneezing, some discomfort from injection (< 5 min)
3 Unsatisfactory Violent struggling/no immobilisation effectuated, severe discomfort from injection (increased attention towards injection site > 5 min), excessive salivation, vomiting, compulsive licking, sneezing, involuntary muscle activity