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Table 2 Reasons cited by owners for remote e-collar and bark collar use

From: The use of electronic collars for training domestic dogs: estimated prevalence, reasons and risk factors for use, and owner perceived success as compared to other training methods

Device Reason for use Number of owners using electric collar for this reason Combined categories used in regression models
E-collar (n = 185) Chasing livestock 31 Problems with recall and chasing
  Chasing people (incl. bikes) 4  
  Chasing other dogs 5  
  Chasing cats 2  
  Chasing other (e.g. wildlife) 27  
  Recall 47  
  Barking 47 Barking, excluded as small numbers used exclusively
  General training 15 All categories excluded from regression analysis due to insufficient numbers
  Pulling on lead 9  
  Escaping / jumping at fence 3  
  ‘Dominant behaviours’ 1  
  Stealing food 1  
  Eating faeces 2  
  Aggression 2  
  Mounting other dogs 1  
  Jumping up 2  
  1. Owners may have reported use for more than one situation.