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Figure 1

From: The complement system of the goat: Haemolytic assays and isolation of major proteins

Figure 1

ca="yes"Lysis of different cells, with and without antibody by human, goat and guinea-pig plasma/serum (HCP and HS, GCP and GS, and GPS, respectively). Sheep (sE) and human (hE) erythrocytes were pre-coated or not with rabbit or rabbit + goat antibodies. Erythrocytes (50 μl of 109/ml) in DGVB++ were incubated with 100 μl of 1/5 dilution of plasma/serum for 1 hour at 37 °C. Percentage of cell lysis was calculated as indicated in methods section.sE, hE: sheep and human erythrocytes without pre-coated; sEA, hEA = sheep and human pre-coated with rabbit antibodies; RA, GA, HA = rabbit, goat and human antibodies, respectively.

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