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Table 4 Characterization of 11 oxacillin-resistant S.aureus strains

From: Genetically divergent methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and sec-dependent mastitis of dairy goats in Taiwan

Strains mecA SCCmectype Pulsotypea Farmsb Pulsotype of human strainc
N0119 + III ND (ST59)d A  
N0207 + III ND (ST59) A  
N0229 + III I A A
N0262 + III II A C
N6292 + III III A A
N6294 + III I A A
V34 + III IV A D
V6292 + III I A A
V17 + III VIA B  
N9 + II VIB B  
MR28 + II V D A
  1. aND: DNA could not be digested by restriction enzyme SmaI
  2. bLetters represent farms where samples were acquired
  3. cPulsotypes were determined as previously reported by Huang et al. [22]
  4. d ST determined based on the MLST website