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Table 1 Primers for canine reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reactions

From: Biologic activity of the novel small molecule STAT3 inhibitor LLL12 against canine osteosarcoma cell lines

Primers Primer sequences Tm°
Canine Survivin F 5- GAA GGC TGG GAG CCA GAT GAT G -3 66.4
Canine Survivin R 5- CGC ACT TTC TTT GCG GTC TC -3 62.4
Canine Cyclin D1 F 5- GTC TGC GAG GAG CAG AAG T -3 62.3
Canine Cyclin D1 R 5- GAG GAA GTG CTC GAT GAA GT -3 60.6
Canine BCL-2 F 5- GAG CAG CCA CAA CCG GAG AGT C -3 68.3
Canine BCL-2 R 5- CGG ATC TTT ATT TCA CGA GGC AC -3 62.8
Canine MCL-1 F 5- CAA CCA CGA GAC AGC CTT CCA AG -3 62.6
Canine MCL-1 R 5- CAC TGA AAA CAT GGA CAA TCA C -3 58.9
Canine 18s F 5- AAA TCC TTT AAC GAG GAT CCA TT -3 57.4
Canine 18s R 5- AAT ATA CGC TAT TGG AGC TGG A -3 58.9