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Table 1 Origin, biofilm adherence classification, direct repeat unit ( dru ) and sequence type of study isolates

From: Efficacy of clarithromycin on biofilm formation of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius

Isolate selected Adherence capabilities Drutyping Sequence type Origin location
A3 LOW 9a 71 U.S.A
A12 STRONG 10h 68 U.S.A
A23 STRONG 10a 68 U.S.A
A46 MODERATE 9a 71 U.S.A
A56 LOW 9a 71 U.S.A
A92 MODERATE 9a 71 U.S.A
SP87 LOW 9a 71 Canada
SP88 LOW 9a 71 Canada
SP90 STRONG 9a 71 Canada
SP91 LOW 9a 71 Canada
SP93 LOW 9a 71 Canada
SP102 LOW 11a 68 Canada
SP104 MODERATE 10h 68 Canada
SP105 MODERATE 10h 68 Canada
SP106 MODERATE 9a 71 Canada
SP112 MODERATE 9a 71 Canada
SP113 MODERATE 9a 71 Canada
SP114 LOW 9a 71 Canada
SP115 LOW 9a 71 Canada
SP116 LOW 9a 71 Canada
  1. Dru typing of chosen biofilm forming isolates of MRSP reveals a representative population of strains commonly found in veterinary hospitals across North America. Adherence capabilities were determined based on the model developed by Stepanovic et al., 2000.