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Table 3 Pathological and microbiological findings from five affected calves

From: Hypovitaminosis A coupled to secondary bacterial infection in beef cattle

Calf no. Pathological changesa E. coli serotypeb Positive samples MLD50 for E. coli (CFU)c
1 severe O8 intestine, rectal swabs 5.45 × 109
2 moderate O8 intestine ND d
3 severe O8 intestine, rectal swabs ND
4 severe O8 intestine, rectal swabs ND
5 mild O8 intestine ND
  1. a The pathological changes of intestines from affected calves were estimated by visual examination.
  2. b The serotypes of each strains were determined by agglutination test with 25 prevalent antiserums of pathogenic E. coli.
  3. c MLD50 were determined by intraperitoneally inoculating six mice in each group with 50 μl of serial 10-fold dilutions E. coli and calculated by the method of Hamilton et al. [20].
  4. d ND indicates that the LD50 of these strains was not determined.