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Table 3 Relationship between blood biochemical parameters and body mass

From: Characterization of blood biochemical markers during aging in the Grey Mouse Lemur (Microcebus murinus): impact of gender and season

Dependent variables Independent variables LD season SD season
ALP (U/L) Body mass (g) n=39, r=0.10 n=37, r=0.32 *
BUN (mg/dL) n=39, r=0.14 n=37, r=0.41 **
GLU (mg/dL) n=39, r=0.16 n=37, r=0.43 **
PHOSP (mg/dL)   n=39, r=0.16 n=37, r=0.37 *
  1. Sample sizes for each photoperiod: long-day (LD) season and short-day (SD) season and the Pearson correlation coefficient r are given for each regression, as dependent and independent variables. Values were statistically significant if p<0.05 (*). A p<0.01 was indicated by two asterisks (**).