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Table 1 Phenotypic and genotypic characteristics of the 50 methicillin-susceptible S. aureus isolates recovered from healthy donkeys in Tunisia

From: High diversity of genetic lineages and virulence genes in nasal Staphylococcus aureusisolates from donkeys destined to food consumption in Tunisia with predominance of the ruminant associated CC133 lineage

Number of isolates spatypea MLSTa b CCb agrtype enterotoxin genes detectedc d Other toxin genes detectedc Phenotype of antibiotic resistancec,e Resistance genes detectedc
14 t1166 ST133 CC133 I see1, sei1, ser10 hla, hlb 11 , hld, lukED E2-FA3 erm(A)2
2 t7718 ST133 CC133 I see1, ser hla, hld, lukED   
1 t2420 ST133 CC133 I seq, ser hla, hld, lukED E-FA erm(A)
1 t1403 ST133 CC133 I ser hla, hlb, hld, lukED P-E-S-FA blaZ, erm(A)
1 t8836 ST133 CC133 I   hla, hlb, hld, lukED   
1 t3583 ST133 CC133 I seh hla, hlb, hld, lukED   
1 t4735 ST2150 CC133 I ser hla, hlb, hld, lukED   
1 t8837 ST2111 CC133 I sei, ser hla, hlb, hld, lukED   
4 t127 ST1738 CC1 III sea1, seb1, see1, sek1, seh, seq1, ser3 tst 1 , hla, hlb, hld, lukED, P2-FA1 blaZ2, fusC1
1 t1784 ST1 CC1 III seh, ser hla,hlb,hld lukED   
1 t7720 ST1 CC1 III seh, ser hla, hld, lukED P-E-CP-FA blaZ, erm(A)
1 t3896 ST1 CC1 III sea, see, seh, sek, seq hla, hld, lukED P-FA blaZ
4 t701 ST6 CC6 I sea 3 , see 2 , sed 2 , ser 3 tst 1 , hla, hlb 1 , hld, lukED P-E1-S1-FA1 blaZ, erm(A)1, erm(C)1
1 t8840 ST6 CC6 I seh, seq, ser hla, hlb, hld, lukED P blaZ
4 t166 ST2057 CC522 I sec1, sej2, sel1, ser2 tst 1 , hla, hlb, hld, lukED, lukM E3-C1-FA3 erm(A)3, erm(C)1
2 t7717 ST72 CC72 I [seg, sei, sem, sem, seo, seu]1, see1, sel hla, hlb, hld, lukED   
1 t7721 ST72 CC72 I [seg, sei, sem, sem, seo, seu], sec, sel hla, hld, lukED   
1 t091 ST2110 CC7 I ser hla, hld, lukED P-TE-CP blaZ, tet(M)
1 t593 ST15 CC15 II ser hla, hld, lukED   
1 t4781 ST2181 CC22 I [seg, sei, sem, sem, seo, seu], ser tst, hla, hld, hlg P blaZ
2 t2484 ST2151 Singleton II [sem, sen, sei, seu]1,sec, sel, sem1 tst 1 , hla, hlb, hld   
1 t1736 ST2109 Singleton IV [sem, sen, sei] hla, hlb, hld, lukED   
1 t3043 ST1660 Singleton II [sem, sen, sei, seu], sec, sel, ser tst, hla, hlb, hld E erm(A)
1 t8449 ST350 Singleton I [sem, sen, sei, seu] hla, hlb, hld   
1 t8842 ST2152 Singleton IV sej etb, hla, hlb, hld, lukED   
  1. a New spa-types or sequence types detected are shown in bold.
  2. b The MLST was performed in one isolate of each spa-type and the corresponding ST and CC were assumed for all isolates presenting the same spa-type.
  3. c In some cases, not all the isolates of the group presented the indicated characteristics (genes or phenotype). Whenever happened, the number of isolates with this characteristic is indicated in superscript.
  4. d Genes normally physically linked that compound the different egc clusters are included in brackets.
  5. e P: penicillin; E: erythromycin; TE: tetracycline; S: streptomycin; CP: ciprofloxacin; C: chloramphenicol; FA: fusidic acid.