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Table 3 Relationships among super-shedder status (yes/no), sampling (1 vs 2) and membership in the most prevalent restriction endonuclease digestion pattern cluster, REPC A , as compared to all other REPC for fecal isolates of E. coli O157:H7 collected in Alberta Canada in 2007 from generalized linear mixed model analysis z

From: Genetic diversity and antimicrobial resistance among isolates of Escherichia coliO157: H7 from feces and hides of super-shedders and low-shedding pen-mates in two commercial beef feedlots

Variable Odds Ratio 95% C.I. Significance
Sampling 1.27 0.68 – 4.37 P = 0.18
Super-shedder 0.98 0.64 – 1.51 P = 0.94
  1. zPen as random effect with covariance parameter estimate = 1.48 and standard error = 0.83.