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Table 5 Genes involved in over-manifested cellular pathways in macrophages grown as a co-culture with canine mammary cancer cells

From: Global gene expression profiles of canine macrophages and canine mammary cancer cells grown as a co-culture in vitro

Pathway number of genes P-value
Angiogenesis 13 1.17E-04
p53 pathway feedback loops 2 6 2.16E-04
Wnt signaling pathway 17 2.90E-04
Alzheimer disease-presenilin pathway 9 1.04E-03
Cadherin signaling pathway 9 1.55E-03
p53 pathway 8 1.63E-03
Plasminogen activating cascade 3 2.84E-03
TGF-beta signaling pathway 8 5.07E-03
Inflammation mediated by chemokine and cytokine signaling pathway 12 9.09E-03
Arginine biosynthesis 2 1.29E-02
Alzheimer disease-amyloid secretase pathway 5 1.77E-02
Alpha adrenergic receptor signaling pathway 3 2.68E-02
Metabotropic glutamate receptor group I pathway 3 3.95E-02
FGF signaling pathway 6 4.05E-02
Succinate to proprionate conversion 1 4.16E-02
PLP biosynthesis 1 4.16E-02
Endothelin signaling pathway 5 4.29E-02
Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor 1 and 3 signaling pathway 4 4.67E-02
  1. The list of over-manifested cellular PANTHER pathways in macrophages grown as co-cultures with canine mammary cancer cells. The binomial test for each PANTHER pathway was used