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Table 4 Genes involved in over-manfested cellular pathways in canine mammary cancer cells grown as a co-culture with macrophages

From: Global gene expression profiles of canine macrophages and canine mammary cancer cells grown as a co-culture in vitro

Pathway number of genes P-value
Inflammation mediated by chemokine and cytokine signaling pathway 21 1.81E-11
Toll receptor signaling pathway 7 9.44E-06
B cell activation 7 6.80E-05
Purine metabolism 3 1.04E-04
T cell activation 8 1.60E-04
Acetate utilization 2 6.87E-04
Apoptosis signaling pathway 6 3.86E-03
Adenine and hypoxanthine salvage pathway 2 8.65E-03
Interleukin signaling pathway 6 8.68E-03
Plasminogen activating cascade 2 1.19E-02
5-Hydroxytryptamine degredation 2 2.19E-02
Lysine biosynthesis 1 2.48E-02
Salvage pyrimidine deoxyribonucleotides 1 3.69E-02
PDGF signaling pathway 5 3.99E-02
Methylcitrate cycle 1 4.89E-02
  1. The list of over-manifested cellular PANTHER pathways in cancer cells grown as co-cultures with macrophages. The binomial test for each PANTHER pathway was used