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Figure 2

From: Co-administration of avian influenza virus H5 plasmid DNA with chicken IL-15 and IL-18 enhanced chickens immune responses

Figure 2

SDS-PAGE and Western blot analysis of Vero cells transfected with recombinant plasmid, pDis/H5. (a) Cell lysates were separated on 12% SDS-PAGE (b) Western blot with transferred protein samples incubated with primary antibodies against H5 of AIV and anti-rabbit secondary antibodies conjugated with alkaline phosphatase. M: BenchMarkTMPre-Stained Protein Ladder. Lane 1: Non-transfected Vero cell lysates; Lane 2: pDisplay vector; Lane 3: pDis/H5 vector 1; and 4: pDis/H5 vector 2. Distinct band of 82 kD which corresponds to the H5 protein of AIV was detected in lane 4 (arrowhead) whilst, pDis/H5 vector 1 construct failed to show H5 expression.

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