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Table 1 The clinical signs scoring system used two assess efficacy of two enzyme treatments for canine exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

From: A blinded randomised controlled trial to determine the effect of enteric coating on enzyme treatment for canine exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

Criterion Description Score
Attitude/activity Dull, unwilling to exercise 3
Decreased activity 1
Normal activity 0
Increased activity 0
Appetite Poor 3
Normal 0
Good 1
Excessive 3
Vomiting None 0
1-2/week 1
3-4/week 2
≥5/week 3
Defecation frequency 1-2/day 0
3-4/day 1
5-6/day 2
≥7/day 3
Fecal consistency Normal 0
Moist and poorly formed 1
Pulp-like 2
Watery diarrhoea 3
Flatulence None 0
Occasional 1
Often 3
Borborygmus None 0
Occasional 1
Often 3
Coprophagia Present 3
  Absent 0
  1. Clinical signs of dogs with EPI were assessed at each study visit. All clinical signs listed above were assigned a score from 0 to 3, as in the table. Individual clinical signs scores were then added together to generate a global score, with a minimum of 0 (no signs) and a maximum of 24 (severe signs).