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Table 4 Dichotomised results for two HI test used for the detection of H5 antibodies in ducks naturally exposed to H5 avian influenza virus

From: Comparison of serological assays for detecting antibodies in ducks exposed to H5 subtype avian influenza virus

  HI-HRBC results
HI-CRBC results Positive Negative Total
Positive 11 0 11
Negative 30 477 507
Total 41 477 518
  1. Ducks were sampled in December 2008 in Central Java, Indonesia. A cut-off titre of ≥ 4 log2 (16) was used to distinguish between positive and negative results. Abbreviations: HI-CRBC (Haemagglutination inhibition test using chicken red blood cells), HI-HRBC (Haemagglutination inhibition test using horse red blood cells).