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Table 6 The most represented KEGG pathways in the unigene data set

From: Transcriptome analysis of head kidney in grass carp and discovery of immune-related genes

Pathway Mapping genes Categories
Ribosome 60 Genetic Information Processing
Oxidative phosphorylation 53 Metabolism
Proteasome 32 Genetic Information Processing
Spliceosome 31 Genetic Information Processing
Lysosome 28 Cellular Processes
Purine metabolism 25 Metabolism
Endocytosis 24 Cellular Processes
Regulation of actin cytoskeleton 24 Cellular Processes
Cell cycle 19 Cellular Processes
Leukocyte transendothelial migration 18 Organismal Systems
Pyrimidine metabolism 17 Metabolism
MAPK signalling pathway 17 Environmental Information Processing
Antigen processing and presentation 17 Organismal Systems
Chemokine signalling pathway 17 Organismal Systems
Tight junction 16 Cellular Processes
T cell receptor signalling pathway 16 Organismal Systems